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Vice Chancellor of CUPB and His Delegation Visited Canadian Universities

From June 15 to 19, 2019, Lei Yujiang, Deputy Party Secretary of CUPB, was invited to visit University of Alberta and Grant MacEwan University in Canada. CUPB has negotiated with two universities about innovation and entrepreneurship projects, discipline development planning, the Worldwide Energy University Network, undergraduate graduation internship projects, undergraduate summer internship projects and other issues, and have reached a number of new intentions in expanding cooperation areas and implementing cooperation contents. Directors of CUPB International Office and Development Planning Office also participated in this visit.

At the University of Alberta, Lei Yujiang and his delegation met with Huang Cen, Vice President of the University in charge of international exchanges. The two sides discussed the holding of joint seminars and the summer camp project for undergraduates under the framework of WEUNand agreed to implement the negotiations as soon as possible. The delegation communicated with the University of Alberta on the subject development plan, introduced the operation status and work plan of the WEUN to the University of Alberta, and welcomed the participation of the University of Alberta as a member of the WEUN in the secretariat meeting to be held in Azerbaijan next year. During the visit, the delegation visited the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of the University of Alberta Business School and listened to the presentation by Anthony Briggs, director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center. The two sides have conducted in-depth communication on the development mode, management mode and fund operation of innovation and entrepreneurship education.

At the Grant MacEwan University, Lei Yujiang met with Kimberley Howard, Vice President of the University in charge of international exchanges. The delegation visited the innovation and entrepreneurship center and listened to the introduction by Leo Liao, director of the innovation and entrepreneurship center. The two sides discussed the cooperation modes of the interested centers, communities, universities and governments. Subsequently, the delegation exchanged in-depth with Howard and William Wei, Executive Dean of Business School, on short-term exchange programs for undergraduates, and reached a consensus on cooperative majors, number of students, communication methods and credit hours and other aspects. The two sides agreed to draft cooperation agreements, sign cooperation agreements and start related projects as soon as possible. The delegation also introduced to Grant MacEwan University with the WEUN and its operation, and exchanged views on disciplinary development planning.

Lei Yujiang and his delegation visited schoolfellows and teachers working at Alberta University and Grant MacEwan University, introduced the recent development of the CUPB and welcomed them to visit CUPB in the future.