For different individuals, we offer customized programs including bachelor, master , Ph.D. and Chinese Language Programs.

Bachelor’s Programs (4 years)

1) Geological Engineering

2) Gas and Oil Storage and Transportation Engineering

3) Petroleum Engineering

4) Reconnaissance Technology and Engineering

5) Chemical Engineering and Technology

6) Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation

7) Automatics

8) International Economy and Trade

9) Applied Chemistry

10) Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

11) Safety Engineering

12) Survey Technology and Instrument

13) Environmental Science

14) Process Equipment and Control Engineering

15) Environmental Engineering

16) Material Science and Engineering

17) Marketing

18) Information Management and Information System

19) Accounting

20) Thermal Energy Engineering

21) Financial Management

22) Computer Science and Technology

23) English Language

24) Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

25) Energy Chemical Engineering

Master’s Programs (3 years)

1) Oil and Gas Drilling Engineering

2) Oil and Gas Developing Engineering

3) Geological Engineering

4) Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering

5) Tectonics

6) Geochemistry

7) Mineralogy, Petrology and Mineral Deposit Geology

8) Mineral Reconnaissance and Exploration

9) Earth Probe and Information Technology

10) Chemical Engineering

11) Chemical Technology

12) Industrial Catalysis

13) Safety Technology and Engineering

14) Mechanical Engineering

15) Marine Geology

16) Biochemical Engineering

17) Structural Engineering

18) Environmental Science

19) Paleontology and Stratigraphy

20) Chemical Processing Machinery

21) Environmental Engineering

22) Fluid Mechanics

23) Design and Construction of Naval Architecture

24) Engineering Mechanics

25) Thermal Energy Engineering

26) Applied Chemistry

27) Chemistry

28) Testing and Measuring Technology and Instrumentation

29) Control Science and Control Engineering

30) Mathematics

31) Information and Communication Engineering

32) Computer Science and Technology

33) Physics

34) Solid Earth Geophysics

35) Material Science and Engineering

Master’s Programs (2 years)

1) Insurance

2) Management Science and Engineering

3) Business Management

4) English Language and Literature

5) Finance

6) Accounting

7) Technical Economy and Management

8) Marxist Philosophy

9) International Politics

10) Higher Education

11) Industrial Economy

12) Economic Jurisprudence

13) Ideological and Political Education

14) Sinicization of Marxism

15) Applied Economics

PhD Programs (3 years)

1) Geology (Including Mineralogy, Petrology and Mineral Deposit Geology, Geochemistry, Palaeontology and Stratigraphy, Tectonics)

2) Geological Resources and Geological Engineering (Including Mineral Reconnaissance and Exploration, Geological Engineering)

3) Energy Resources and Environmental Geochemistry

4) Oil and Gas Drilling Engineering

5) Oil and Gas Development Engineering

6) Petroleum Engineering Management

7) Chemical Processing Machinery

8) Chemical Engineering and Technology

9) Environmental Chemical Engineering

10) Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering

11) Engineering Mechanics

12) Electromechanical Engineering

13) Mechanical Design and Theory

14) Thermal Energy Engineering

15) Safety Technology and Engineering

16) Geological Resources and Geological Engineering

17) Computer Technology and Resource Information Engineering

18) Control Theory and Control Engineering

19) Material Science

20) Sinicization of Marxism

Note: Majors with can be taught in English.

Fee Structure

l        Registration fee400RMB

l        Tuition(includes insurance)

n     Chinese Language Program: 21000RMB/YEAR

n     Bachelor’s Program: 25000 RMB/YEAR

n     Master’s Program:

Ø    29000RMB/YEAR(Chinese-taught programs)

Ø    31000RMB/YEAR (English-taught programs)

n        PHD Program 36000RMB/YEAR


l        Text books: about 500RMB/YEAR

l        Medical Check up fee360RMBCharged by Beijing city Medical Check up Center

l        Visa application fee400RMBCharged by Beijing city Exit & Entry Bureau

l        Airport pick-up:200RMB per trip

l        Accommodation1500RMB/Person/Month (Double room)

The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, cable TV, telephone, private bathroom, hot water, shower; the apartment building has a communal kitchen, laundry room, study room, activity room and other facilities.

Contact Information: 
Address: International Office, China University of Petroleum, Beijing 
18 Fuxue Road, Changping, Beijing, 102249 
Tel: 86-10-89733796
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