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China University of Petroleum-Beijing has launched a CUPB Scholarship Program for international master and Ph.D. students.

Students from the following sister universities have priority for the scholarship

Colorado School of Mines in USA

University of Houston in USA

University of Calgary in Canada

Curtin University of Technology in Australia

University of Canterbury in New Zealand

University of Nebraska at Omaha in USA

Robert Gorton University in UK

Queen Mary University of London in UK

University of Alaska at Fairbanks in USA

Arizona State University in USA

University of Stavanger in Norway

University of Aberdeen in UK

University of British Columbia

The Petroleum Institute in UAE

University of Tulsa in USA

Federal University of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil

University of California ¡ªDavis in USA

University of Petroleum & Energy Study

University of Oklahoma in USA

Ufa State Petroleum Technological University in Russia

Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas in Russia

IFP School in France


The scholarship is also available for other excellent students from any country.

study in Beijing, China, learn Chinese, study petroleum technology,travel in China


Purpose of the scholarship program
The purpose of the scholarship program offered by CUPB is to attract excellent international students to its master and Ph.D programs and to promote the student exchange between CUPB and its sister universities by providing financial support and public recognition to master and Ph.D candidates from CUPB¡¯s sister universities or other prestigious universities in the world who have been admitted or qualified for admissions to their home university programs, and have demonstrated academic excellence and are interested in studying or doing research in CUPB for 1-4 years. Individual scholarship awards range from $2000 to $8000 per academic year, which could cover accommodation (about $3000/year) and/or meals $1000/year, tuition fees ($3500) (if applicable), and medical insurance ($100/year). All the scholarship students have to stay in the accommodation provided by CUPB when their scholarship cover the fees. Applicants who are accepted as teaching assistants to teach English for 6 hours/week will be offered international airfares (one two-way ticket / year).


Types of Scholarships Available

1. Joint Ph.D. program scholarship

Scholarships for transferring to second year of Ph.D. programs after course work is completed in their home university. A CUPB Ph.D degree will be granted when the study and the thesis is completed in CUPB.

2. Full degree scholarship

Scholarships for those entering master or Ph.D programs from the first year, including one year Chinese language study. This is a full degree program and a CUPB Ph.D degree will be granted when the study is completed. This will take 4 years in total. 

3. Research Scholarship

Scholarship for Ph.D students who would like to do one year research in CUPB to complete their theses. No CUPB degree will be granted.


Who may apply
Any Admitted & registered full-time master and Ph.D student from an international prestigious universities, especially from the CUPB¡¯s listed sister universities, can apply for the scholarships. The following areas have priority:

Geology, Geophysics, Oil and Gas Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Petroleum Engineering Management.

Applicants may be required to be teaching assistants to teach for up to 6 hours per week. To get a Ph.D degree from CUPB, candidates without Chinese language proficiency (equivalent HSK Test Grade 3) needs to take a Chinese Language Program in CUPB for one year.


How to Apply
l. Fill the China University of Petroleum-Beijing Scholarship Application Form + Personal Statement

2. Provide home university letter of enrollment

3. Send two references, transcripts, photo copy of the passport, to the following address:

Ms. Liu Xiaoqing

International Office

China University of Petroleum-Beijing

18 Fuxue Rd. Changping, Beijing 102249   P.R. China

Tel: 0086 10 8973 1677   Fax: 0086 10 6970 0644


The academic year starts in September and the deadline for scholarship application is May 30 each year.


Areas to accept the CUPB Scholarship applications:


•  Reconnaissance and Exploration of Mineral Resource

•  Earth Probing and Information Technology

•  Geological Engineering

•  Mineralogy, Petrology and Economic Geology

•  Earth Chemistry

•  Computer Technology and Resource Information Engineering

•  Energy and Environmental Earth Chemistry

•  Paleontology and Stratigraphy

•  Tectonics

•  Geology

•  Geological Resources and Engineering

•  Oil and Gas Drilling Engineering

•  Oil and Gas Development Engineering

•  Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering

•  Oil and Gas Engineering Mechanics

•  Chemical Process

•  Chemical Engineering

•  Industrial Catalyze

•  Applied Chemistry

•  Biological Chemistry

•  Chemical Processing Machinery 

•  Mechanical Design and Theory

•  Oil and gas Engineering Mechanics

•  Mechanical Equipment and Process control

•  Mechanical Material

•  Engineering Mechanics

•  Mechanical Electronic Engineering

•  Material Science

•  Thermal Energy Engineering

•  Control Theory and Control Engineering




Eligibility Criteria
Applicants are required to present the evidence of their English language ability. IELTS 6.0 and TOEFL 83 or above is required. In other disciplines, better than average scores are required.


Students should also be aware of additional eligibility criteria required by scholarship donors. Additional criteria may include evidence of school and community involvement, academic or career interests, personal or family history, or affiliation with a civic or fraternal association or organization (provide proof of club affiliation)


Your responsibilities as a scholarship recipient
Be sure to acknowledge your award within a month of the date on your scholarship award letter. If you are unable to accept your award, or if your enrollment status should change, respond to the Financial Aid/Scholarship Office as soon as possible (space is provided on the award letter).
Be sure to keep a copy of your award letter for your records.
If you are renewing a scholarship for the upcoming academic year, be sure to fill out a new application including all supporting documents.

study in Beijing, China, learn Chinese, study petroleum technology,travel in China

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