Provost office

Contact information

Director of the Provost’s Office

Prof. Xiaohong Chen

TEL:010-89731512       EMAIL:


Deputy Director of the Provost’s Office

Prof. Yali Zhan

TEL:010-89733094       EMAIL:


Associate Provost

Ms. Yun Wang

TEL:010-89733132       EMAIL:


Student’s Academic Affairs Office

Ms. Zhe Gao

TEL:010-89733931       EMAIL:

 Ms. Cong Chen

TEL:010-89733931       EMAIL:

Teaching Research and Assessment Office

Ms. Qiuxiang Gao

TEL:010-89733244       EMAIL:

Ms. Shengyan Shi

TEL:010-89733244       EMAIL:


Practice and Experiment Management Office

Ms. Jiemei Ren

TEL:010-89734144       EMAIL:

Ms. Di Liu

TEL:010-89734144       EMAIL:


Undergraduate Admission and Registration Office

Ms. Qing Shi

TEL:010-89733245       EMAIL:

Ms. Qian Shen

TEL:010-89739131       EMAIL:


International Education Office

Ms. Chunyang Liu

TEL:010-89739122       EMAIL:

Ms. Cuiyu Dong

TEL:010-89739122       EMAIL:


Teaching & Learning Development Center

Mr. Hao Zhang

TEL:010-89739010       EMAIL: