The College of Petroleum Engineering can be dated back to 1953, when the Department of Well Drilling and Exploration in the Beijing Petroleum College was established. Now our college has become a significant training base for fostering
The history of this college can be traced back to 1953, when the Department of Petroleum Drilling was firstly established in Beijing Petroleum College. Over of the past six decades, the college has been playing an important role for the oil and gas industry, especially in cultivating young generations of professionals.
Having been ranking the 1st place in the field of oil and gas engineering in China ever since it was founded, our college never forget its ambition, which is to cultivate highly-qualified inter-disciplinary talents for the society and conduct research on the cutting-edge technology. Aiming at this goal, the college emphasizes a solid foundation for every student in petroleum engineering fundamentals and basic skills needed in this industry by delivering high qualified research-based education to students. Moreover, a series of high-end laboratories and assorted facilities have been established. The college of Petroleum Engineering has access to extensive laboratory facilities that are currently being utilized to conduct physical and chemical testing and computer modeling. On top of that, with an ever growing faculty led by 2 Chinese Academy of Sciences, a mature personnel training system has been working effectively.
Most noticeably, the college of petroleum engineering also devote to developing a global perspective. Our international reputation grows with the quality of our graduates, the construction of first-level subjects and our academic capacity.
Currently the college has 1315 undergraduate students, 1068 postgraduate students and 231 PhD candidates. In the year 2014, we have recruited 213 undergraduate students, 350 postgraduate students and 56 PhD candidates. At the same time, the majority oversea students of our university are in the College of Petroleum Engineering, including 273 undergraduate students, 35 postgraduate students and 4 PhD candidates.
Dean Professor Chen Mian is in charge of discipline construction, personnel, international communication, financial and administrative work. Professor Ning Zhengfu, the Secretary of the Party Committee and vice dean, is in charge of party affairs, labor union affairs and graduate students. Vice Dean Professor Liu Huiqing takes charge of scientific research and laboratory construction. Vice Dean Professor Cheng Linsong is in charge of undergraduate student teaching. And Deputy Secretary Liang Yongtu takes charge of student affairs.