Faculty Members

Zhao Xiaoli 
Dr. Enterprise management
Ren Min University, BeiJing, P.R. China.                   09/2004—07/2007
(Major Field: Management, Economics)
MA Technology economics
Harbin Institute of Technology, P.R. China.               09/1995—07/1997
     (Major Field: Economics, Economic Law)
BA International economics and trade,
     Harbin Institute of Technology, P.R. China.               09/1989—07/1993
     (Major Field: Economics, trade, Finance)
Research fields
Energy economics and policy, Environmental externality evaluation and firm sustainable development, Renewable energy development and low carbon economy
As a project leader, the following research projects are studied in recent years.
Non-market valuation of environmental externalities in power generation sectors and policy model of promoting energy saving and emission reduction. Funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Grand No. 71373078. 2014, 1—2017, 12.
Dynamic model of economic analysis about the impact of low carbon economy shift on firm behavior. Funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Grand No. 71073053. 2011, 1—2013, 12.
   Economic analysis model of influence of industrial location on energy saving under different level of technical progress. Funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Grand No. 70773040. 2008, 1—2010, 12.
The impact on energy consumption from economic globalization and the study of energy save policies. Funded by the National Social Science Foundation of China. Grand No. 08BJL051. 2008, 7—2009, 12.
The economic and technical evaluation and social value analysis of wind power priority dispatch. Funded by the Energy Foundation (the U.S.), Grand No. G-1403-20188, 2014, 8—2015, 9.
Study of the key system and mechanism for promoting renewable energy deployment. Funded by the Energy Foundation (the U.S.), Grand No. G-1403-20188, G-1306-18458, 2013, 9—2014, 12.
Study of comprehensive management measures to promote large-scale use of wind power in North-east Grid. Funded by the Energy Foundation (the U.S.), Grand No. G-1106-14305. 2011, 6—2012, 8.
Regulation study of promoting wind power deployment. Funded by the Energy Foundation (the U.S.), Grand No. G-1004-12366. 2010. 8—2011, 9.
Study of relationship between international trade structure and energy consumption. Funded by Humanities and Social Sciences Foundation of Education Ministry of China, Grand No. 07JA790070.  2008, 7—2010, 12.
Study of relationship between energy consumption and economic structure considering the constraint of environment. Funded by Beijing Natural Science Foundation. Grand No. 9072010. 2007, 1—2009, 12.
Progamme supervised
Progamme supervised for Ph.D. student at the major of Management Science and Engineering, for Master student at the major of Industrial Economics
Environmental economics, Energy market and policy, Renewable energy development
 Working Experience
Professor, at the School of Business Administration, China University of Petroleum-Beijing
Professor, Director at the Low Carbon Economy and Trade Institute,  North China Electric Power University                                                        10/200910/2014
Visiting professor at Erb Institute for global sustainable enterprise, University of Michigan
Associate professor, Director at the International Economy and Trade Department, North China Electric Power University                                          04/2004—10/2008
Lecturer at the School of Economics and Management, North China Electric Power University                                                               07/1997—04/2004
School counselor, Secretary of Youth Corps Committee at the Management School, Harbin Institute of Technology                                               07/1993—07/1997
Professional Affiliations
Executive director, at the Energy Economics and Management Research Branch, China Optimization Program Evaluation and Review Technique and Economic Mathematics Research Committee
Executive director, at the Low carbon development management Branch, China Optimization Program Evaluation and Review Technique and Economic Mathematics Research Committee
Expert adviser, at the Research Base of Energy Development of Beijing         
Email: email99zxl@vip.sina.com
Tel: 86-10-61773101
Fax: 86-10-80796904
Office Address: No. 18, Fuxue Rd. Changping District, Beijing, China, 102249
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