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School of Marxism


The School of Marxism of China University of Petroleum-Beijing was established in November 2017, based on the former Faculty Office for Political Theory, which was founded in 1989 and later renamed the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences in 1995. It now offers courses in political theories and humanities for undergraduates, post-graduates and PhD candidates of CUP.

School's renowned faculty members have outstanding academic qualifications and interdisciplinary backgrounds. Up to December, 2019, the School has a total of 34 staffs, 30 of which are full-time, including 6 professors, 12 associate professors and 12 lecturers. 25 of them are PhDs, and 5 have master's degree.

Multiple programs are offered by the school, including one doctorate program in Marxist theories, and three master's programs in Marxist theories, Political Science and Philosophy. There are also four undergraduate programs offered to students: Marxism theories, Political Science, Philosophy, and Higher Education.The PhD program on Marxism Sinicization is also open for application.The undergraduates who majored in Marxist theories are eligible to applyforthe successive programs from Master to PhD in Marxism Sinicization studies. Since 1999, the school has seen a total of 459 post-graduate students. And the first enrollment of PhD candidates started in 2010. Today, a total of 67 PhD candidates and postgraduate students are studying at the School.

Disciplinary construction and research work are highly valued by the School. Important research outcomes have been achieved by accomplishing various research projects onnational, provincial and ministerial level. Researches in fields including Marxism Sinicization, International Petro-Politics, China Petro-Corporate Culture, Ecological Civilization, the Construction of CPC, and Ideological and Political Theories and Practices are distinctive and are ranked as top in the nation.


- Teaching and researching section for fundamental Marxism principles

- Teaching and researching section for modern Chinese history

- Teaching and researching section for the research of Marxism Sinicization

- Teaching and researching section for ideological and political education

Research Centers

- Center of China Petro-Corporate Culture

- Center of International Petro-Politics

- Center of Research for Marxism Sinicization


Master Programs

-Political science

-Marxist theory

PhD Program

-Sinicization of Marxism