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College of Artificial Intelligence


To lead the development of oil and gas artificial intelligence, China University of Petroleum-Beijing created the first artificial intelligence college in the field of petroleum and petrochemicals on December 12, 2018, following the university's strategy of "high starting point, high level, new system, new mechanism, small entity, large platform".

The College of Artificial Intelligence focuses on the core scientific problems and key technologies of artificial intelligence in the field of petroleum and petrochemicals, and is oriented towards application foundation and high-tech innovation, which leads the development of artificial intelligence science and technology in the field of petroleum and petrochemicals. The College of Artificial Intelligence has taken the lead to undertake important projects such as China National Petroleum Corporation and CNOOC. In 2019, the artificial intelligence team won the Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award, leading the oil and gas artificial intelligence research into the national team.

After its establishment, the College of Artificial Intelligence has received extensive attention at home and abroad, as well as inside and outside the industry. The college has successively signed strategic cooperation agreements with 8 well-known enterprises to jointly build an artificial intelligence research center.