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College of Information Science and Engineering


The information discipline at CUP was established in 1959. Over 6 decades it has made great contributions to Chinese high-end Information Science education. To fit in the New-era disciplinary development, the University has founded the College of Information Science and Engineering (CISE) in November 2018, which is the milestone of the Information Subject in our university.

CISE consists of Automation Department, Computer Science Department, Electronic Information Engineering Department, Software Engineering Department and Teaching and Experimental Center. There are two PhD-awarding branches in Automation and Computer Technology and Resource Information, three undergraduate programs in Automation, Computer Science and Technology, Electronic Information Engineering. It is worth emphasizing that Automation major is one of the National Characteristic Majors, and Computer Software Basic Teaching Team was awarded “Beijing Excellent Teaching Team”.

There are about 1200 students currently enrolled in CISE. Also, CISE has abundant high-level qualified faculty. Among the 76 faculty members, there are 67 full-time teachers, 12 doctoral supervisors, 8 professors and senior research scientists, 22 associate professors and associate research scientists. After facing with long-term national strategic demand and research on innovation in frontier areas, all subjects have formed their own fine traditions and established great teams, Process Control Theory and so on. For recent years, CISE has gained a series of high-quality science and technology achievements, and undertaken plenty of national focal research and development projects, National Natural Science Foundation and other projects. Also, it won many national and provincial science and technology awards.

With the concepts of opening education, resource sharing, win-win theory, CISE actively conducts cooperation with worldwide universities, research institutions, enterprises, and specialties. To accomplish the goal of building a world-class research university in petroleum and petrochemical field, the College has realized the development ideas of excellence, innovation, and entering mainstream, and development strategies of characterization, internationalization, and talent.

Nowadays, new generations of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and so on have become nation-special-supporting and prior-developing directions. CUP has been constantly and thoroughly promoting “Double-First Class” construction, and has put forward higher requirements to CISE’s development. To do a better job in teaching, education and research, the College will follow the trend of internationalization, and integrate the strength of the whole college. Through all kinds of efforts and connections, CISE is working on forming the leading position and high-influencing unique research direction of petroleum information technologies.


- Automation Department

- Computer Science Department

- Electronic Information Engineering Department

- Software Engineering Department


Bachelor’s Programs

- Computer Science and Technology

- Automation

- Electronic Information Engineering

Master’s Programs

- Information and Communication Engineering

- Control Science and Engineering

- Computer Science and Technology

- Software Engineering

PhD Programs

-Control Science and Engineering


English website: www.cup.edu.cn/cise/English

Chinese website: www.cup.edu.cn/cise