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College of New Energy and Materials


Established in 2018, College of New Energy and Materials (CNEM) focuses on new-energy areas including hydrogen energy, solar energy, biomass energy, etc. CNEM is deeply engaged in the education and research on high performance material. It has been striving to cultivate high-quality innovative and engineering-applied talents and has formed its features and advantages in the production and use of hydrogen energy, battery and energy-storage technology, new-energy structural material and functional material.

CNEM has a high-level and energetic faculty with an average age of 38. Among 57 teachers, 11 are professors and 24 associate professors. With two departments (Material Science and Engineering, New Energy Science and Engineering), the College offers two PhD-awarding branches, three Master’s programs and two Bachelor’s programs. According to the ESI data updated in March 2019, the discipline of Material Science ranks within top 1% in the world.

CNEM has now 905 students enrolled, among which there are 422 undergraduate students, 386 graduate students and 77 PhD. students. In the last 3 years, they have participated in many high-level subject competitions, winning 6 international prizes, 9 national prizes and 41 provincial prizes. The graduates from CNEM are very popular among the employers, keeping a high employment rate for years.

On the high-level research platform CNEM offers, the faculty has made fruitful scientific achievements. In 2013, research results from CNEM have been selected as one of the “Top 10 Scientific Progress in China-2013”, with relevant paper being published in  Science . In the latest 3 years, faculty members has published over 650 papers in total in high-quality journals such as Nature Communications, Advanced Materials, Journal of the American Chemical Society, etc., and their research achievements have won many national and provincial prizes.


- Department of Material Science and Engineering

- Department of New Energy Science and Engineering


Bachelor's Programs

-Material Science and Engineering

-New Energy Science and Engineering

Master's Programs

-Material Science and Engineering

-Optical Engineering

-Chemical Engineering and Technology

PhD Programs

-Material Science and Engineering

-Chemical Engineering and Technology