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College of Petroleum Engineering


The history of the College of Petroleum Engineering can be traced back to 1953, when the Department of Drilling Engineering was established in Beijing Petroleum College. Over of the past six decades, the college has been playing an essential role for the petroleum industry, especially in cultivating young professionals.

Having been ranking the 1st place in the field of Petroleum Engineering in China ever since it was founded, the college has been committed to the mission of cultivating highly-qualified inter-disciplinary talents for the society and conducting research on the cutting-edge technology. To achieve this goal, the college puts emphasis on helping students lay a solid foundation in fundamentals and necessary skills in petroleum engineering by delivering high quality research-based education. Moreover, a series of high-end laboratories and facilities have been established. The College of Petroleum Engineering has access to extensive laboratory facilities that are currently being utilized to conduct physical and chemical testing and computer modeling.

The College of Petroleum Engineering also devotes itself to developing a global perspective. Our international reputation grows with the quality of our graduates, the construction of first-level subjects and our academic capacity.


- Department of Drilling and Completion Engineering

- Department of Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering

- Department of Engineering Mechanics


Bachelor’s Programs

- Petroleum Engineering

Master’s Programs

- Mechanics

- Oil and Gas Drilling Engineering

- Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering

- Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

PhD Programs

- Oil and Gas Drilling Engineering

- Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering

- Mechanics