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College of Science


The origins of the College of Science date back to 1953, named as the Teaching and Research Divisions of Mathematics and Physics, which eventually developed into the College of Science in 2010 after merging with the Department of Applied Chemistry and the Department of Material Science and Engineering. The College consists of 3 departments, 2 experimental and teaching center and other research institutes. At present, the college has 26 professors and offers 2 Doctoral programs, 4 Master’s programs and 2 Bachelor’s programs. With years of steady growth, the College has made great achievement in various areas. The faculty research interests include Chemistry of Oil and Gas, Chemistry of Functional Materials, Chemistry of New-type Clean Energy, Chemistry of Interface and Colloid, Corrosion and Corrosion Control, Functional Materials and Intelligent Materials, Polymer Materials, Macromolecular Materials, High Performance Materials, Failure Analysis, Physics of Functional Materials, Condensed Matter Physics, Radio Physics, Applied Optics, Applied Acoustics, Fuzzy System and Fuzzy Control, Differential Equation Theory and its Application, Multivariate Statistics and Process Statistics, Financial Mathematics and its Application, Scientific Mathematics, Principle and Methods of Optimization.


- Department of Mathematics

- Department of Physics

- Department of Applied Chemistry


Bachelor's Programs

- Applied Chemistry

- Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Master's Programs

- Mathematics

- Chemistry

- Physics

- Chemical Engineering and Technology

PhD Programs

- Chemistry

- Chemical Engineering and Technology