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A Delegation Led by Turkmenistan Ambassador to China Visited China University of Petroleum (CUP) for Exchanges

On March 27, a four-member delegation led by Palahat Komatovic Durdiyev, Turkmenistan Ambassador to China, visited China University of Petroleum (CUP) for exchanges. President Wu Xiaolin met with the delegationHeads of the International Office and College of International Education participated in the meeting.


Wu Xiaolin extended her warm welcome to the delegation led by Durdiyev. She reviewed the history of cooperation between CUP and Turkmenistan, mainly introduced the training of international students and staff from Turkmenistan, and invited Durdiyev to participate ina series of activities for the 70th  Anniversary of the CUP. Durdiyev affirmed the achievements and strength of CUP, and hoped that CUP would establish a branch campus in Turkmenistan, expand enrollment, and train more high-level talents in the fields of artificial intelligence and information technology for Turkmenistan. The two sides also conducted in-depth discussions on cooperation in scientific research and cultural exchange activities, and stated that they would work together to promote cooperation between the two countries in the fields of energy and education, promote friendly exchanges between the two peoples, and jointly create a classic case of China-Turkmenistan cooperation.

After the meeting, Durdiyev visited Turkmenistan students studying at CUP and encouraged them to study hard and make positive contributions to the development of the motherland and the energy cooperation between China and Turkmenistan in the future.