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China University of Petroleum (Beijing) Re-elected as Chair of the Worldwide Energy University Network

China University of Petroleum (Beijing) was re-elected as the second Chair of the Worldwide Energy University Network for the term from 2023 to 2026 after the proposal was conceived, voted online and reviewed by the secretariat.

China University of Petroleum (Beijing) launched the Worldwide Energy University Network on September 22, 2018. The Network is a voluntary association of energy research universities pursuing strategic goals in research, innovation, education and internationalization, and currently has 32 member universities from 17 countries. During its first term as Chair (2018-2022), the University has conscientiously fulfilled its duties, overcome the difficulties caused by the epidemic, and effectively completed many tasks, which has helped the Network become an important platform for exchange and cooperation in the field of energy education in the world. Since its establishment, the Network has completed the establishment of institutions, the signing of the Constitution, the construction of the website and the publication of the logo, and the development of all works is on a good track. The University and Network member universities have exchanged visits and promoted intensive cooperation, held student activities such as a summer school and geology internship on the Karamay campus, hosted many international hot forums and academic salons such as "Energy Higher Education and Research in the Post-Epidemic Era" and "The Future of Hydrogen Energy". We have also jointly organized major international events such as "International Competition on Energy and Climate Change" and "BRICS Youth Energy Summit and International Energy Youth Conference", established three international academic organizations, published more than 100,000 words of publications, and four high-ranking universities at home and abroad have joined the Network. The Network's influence continues to grow.

Against the backdrop of the current goal of carbon neutrality, the energy industry is rapidly transforming toward low-carbon and Intelligent energy. As a meeting place for science, technology, talent and innovation, the Worldwide Energy University Network make an indispensable and important contribution to the global green energy transition. As the second chair of the Network, the University will promote multi-faceted strategic cooperation through the construction of information technology platform, joint talent training, faculty research collaboration, academic and humanistic exchange, etc., and cooperate with the UNESCO Chair of "Carbon Neutral and Climate Change Driven Green Transformation" and the "Belt and Road" Energy Partnership Network. It will also collaborate with other international platforms such as the UNESCO Chair on "Carbon Neutrality and Climate Change for Green Transformation" and the "One Belt, One Road" Energy Partnership Network (Youth) Group Leader to accelerate the global energy knowledge flow, support the open science movement, and contribute to building a global energy destiny community and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals under the United Nations.