A brief introduction to the Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs is a functional organization which, takes charge of the teaching affairs of undergraduates, being responsible for the basic teaching and learning construction of the school’s regular full-time undergraduate students, teaching reform and implementation of teaching and learning management. Its major responsibilities are allocating teaching resources, maintaining teaching orders and ensuring the teaching quality. The Office of Academic Affairs comprises the teaching affairs division, teaching research and assessment division, practical and experimental teaching management division, admission and registration division, international education division and teachers and teaching development center.

The basic working content of Office of Academic Affairs includes: admission and registration, students enrollment status management, teaching plan management, teaching operation management, teaching reform, teaching quality supervision and rating management, teachers and teaching development, with its focus on the planning and management of fundamental teaching construction in majors, courses, teaching materials, laboratories, practical teaching bases, talents training bases, as well as teaching management systems, etc.

Office of Academic Affairs persists to the teaching spirit of “All for the benefit of students and teachers with good morality and way of speak”, and takes “serving the teachers and students” as its mission to satisfy the needs of the society with high-quality education of undergraduate study and carry out scientific management, which won itself the honorary title of the “Outstanding Office of Academic Affairs in Beijing”.