Environmental Science and Engineering (Engineering)(Chinese and English)

Jie Ma

Personal Profile

College of Chemical Engineering and Environment


Associate Professor

Environmental Science and Engineering (Engineering)


Research Areas

Prevention and Control of Water Pollution and Resourcelization

Research Projects

As of January 2015, the National Natural Science Foundation of China has 1 youth fund 2015.1-2017.12 China University of Petroleum (Beijing) Top Talent Fund 1 2015.1-2017.12 China University of Petroleum (Beijing) Research Initiation Fund 2015.1-2017.12 Longyuan Technology Co., Ltd.-Sinopec Horizontal Project 1 2015.1-2015.12


[1] Numerical model investigation for methane explosion and benzene vapor intrusion potential associated with ethanol-blended fuel releases. Environmental Science & Technology 48(1): 474-481.
[2] Methane bioattenuation and implications for explosion risk reduction along the groundwater to soil surface pathway above plume of dissolved ethanol. Environmental Science & Technology 46(11): 6013-6019
[3] Groundwater ecosystem resilience to organic contaminations: microbial and geochemical dynamics throughout the 5-year life cycle of a surrogate ethanol blend fuel plume. Water Research 80: 119-129.
[4] Increased fermentation activity and persistent methanogenesis in a model aquifer system following source removal of an ethanol blend release. Water Research 68: 479-486.
[5] Effects of adding bulking agent, inorganic nutrient and microbial inocula on biopile treatment for oil-field drilling waste. Chemosphere 150: 17-23.