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Zhengwei Ma

Personal Profile

School of Economics and Management


Associate Professor


ma_zhengwei@163. com

Research Areas

Financial Risk Management
Energy Management

Research Projects

[1] Research on Beijing's Local Financial Risk Management System", 14JGC121, Beijing Social Science Foundation, Status: Ongoing,Role: Chair
[2] Feasibility Study on the Establishment of Beijing Financial Risk Management Center", ZX20140010, Beijing Finance "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" Project, Status: Completed,Role: Chair.
[3] Research on Beijing Local Financial Risk Assessment System and Early Warning Model", 2013D009051000001, Beijing, Status: Ongoing,Role: Chair.
[4] Research on the Construction of Beijing's Local Financial Risk Assessment System", ZX20130239, Beijing, Status: Completed,Role: Chair.
[5] Research on the Components and Indexes of Local Financial Risks in Beijing", ZX20130341, Beijing, Status: Completed,Role: Chair.
[6] Research on the Impact of Oil Price Fluctuation on China's Economy under the Background of Peak Oil", Jiao Wai Si Liu [2013] No. 693, Ministry of Education, Status: Completed,Role: Chair.
[7] Research on the Impact of Oil Price Fluctuations on China's Carbon Emissions and Economics", 2462011YJRC20, China University of Petroleum (Beijing) Research Talents Startup Fund, Status: Completed,Role: Chair.
[8] Research on Risk Assessment and Control of Private Capital Investment in Shale Gas Industry", ZX20150128,
[9] Research Project of Outstanding Young Teachers of China University of Petroleum (Beijing), Status: Completed,Role: Chair.


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Zhengwei Ma, Jinkun Zhao. Application of structural equation modeling to evaluate web-based mobile CRM quality of chinese commercial banking services. Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences, 2015, 9(6):3287-3295.
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