Department of Chemical Engineering


PhD from China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
Master Degree from China University of Petroleum (Beijing)

Bachelor Degree from East China Petroleum Institute

1.       Hydrate Separation Technology
2.       High Pressure Liquid Phase Equilibrium
3.       Experimental Measurement and Calculation Model of Fluid Viscosity
4.       Calculation Model of Fluid Thermal Conductivity
5.       Simulation Calculation of Fractionating Column Separation Process
Principles of Chemical Engineering; Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Previous Teaching Experience
  2002-present, China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
 1990-2002, China University of Petroleum (East China)
 1986-1987, East China Petroleum Institute, Tutor
Other Functions 
Party Secretary and Vice Dean of Chemical Engineering School of CUPB
TEL: 086-010-89731003
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