Department of Chemical Technology

1996 – 2000PhD of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Philipps University of Marburg, Germany
1988 – 1991Master of Science, Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Northeast Normal University, China
1981 – 1985Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Northeast Normal University, China
1.        Theoretical simulation of reaction mechanism
2.        Molecular design of catalyst
3.        ab initio, density functional theory
4.        Chemical bonding analysis
5.        Reaction catalyzed by transition metal complex
Previous Professional Experience
2005 - now
Professor (since 2008)
College of Chemical Engineering
China University of Petroleum, China
2001 - 2005
Software Programmer
pmc GmbH, ebsoft GmbH
1997 - 2001
Researcher (supported by DFG project)
Department of Chemistry
Philipps University of Marburg, Germany
Lectures & Teaching:
Physical Chemistry, Scientific Writing & Reading
Program supervised for:
Physical chemistry / Quantum chemistry / Molecular simulation / Theoretical catalysis
1.        Theoretical simulation of mechanism of selective catalysis reaction (SCR) catalyzed by metal-exchanged zeolite, supported by NSFC, 2015-2018, Project director.
2.        Theoretical study of mechanism of reaction catalyzed by complexes of copper group, supported by NSFC, 2013-2016, Project director.
3.        Theoretical study of mechanism of water-gas-shift reaction (WGSR) catalyzed by carbonyl complexes of iron group, supported by NSFC, 2009-2011, Project director.
Fax: 86-010-89734721
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