Department of Chemical Technology

PhD from China University of Petroleum, P R. (China)
MEng from China University of Petroleum, P. R. (China)
BEng from China University of Petroleum, P. R. (China)

1.     Chemical reaction engineering; 2.     Computational fluid dynamics; 3.     Simulation of reaction multiphase flows; 4.     Design and optimization of multiphase rectors
Research Funding
1.     Meso-scale structure and its effect in RFCC risers, NSFC, 2014-2016.
2.     CFD Modeling of flow and combustion in commercial furnaces, SINOPEC, 2014-2015.
3.     CFD Modeling of gas-solid flow and reaction in an commercial riser, SINOPEC, 2013-2014.
4.     Multiple scale analysis and scaling-up of direct coupled dual gas-solid fluidized reaction systems, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 2004-2008.
5.     Simulation on transfer and coking processes in the disengagers of fluid catalytic cracking units, NSFC, 2005-2007.
6.     CFD Modeling of turbulent gas-solid flow and reaction in the risers of fluid catalytic cracking units, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), 2004-2006.
Chemical reaction engineering
Introduction to Chemical Engineering
Fundamental chemistry experiments
Publications (Selected)
1.     Lan, X., W. Yan, et al. 2014. Hydrodynamics of Gas-Solid Turbulent Fluidized Bed of Polydispersedly Binary Particles. Powder Technology 262: 106-123.
2.     Lan,X., X.Shi, et al. 2013. Solids Back-mixing Behavior and Effect of Meso-scale Structure in CFB Risers. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 52(34): 11888-11896.
3.     Lan, X., C. Xu, et al. 2012. Influence of solid-phase wall boundary condition on CFD simulation of spouted beds. Chemical Engineering Science 69(1): 419-430.
4.     Lan, X., C. Xu, et al. 2009. CFD modeling of gas-solid flow and cracking reaction in two-stage riser FCC reactors. Chemical Engineering Science 64(17): 3847-3858.
5.     Lan X., Gao J., Xu C., 2009. Reaction performance of FCC slurry catalytic cracking. Catalysis today 140,174-178.
6.     Lan X., Gao J., Xu C., 2007. Numerical simulation of transfer and reaction processes in an ethylene furnace. Chemical Engineering Research and Design 25(6), 16-24.
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