Department of Chemical Technology

Ph.D. from China University of Petroleum, Beijing, 2000
Master of Science from China University of Petroleum, Beijing, 1989
Bachelor of Science from China University of Petroleum, Huadong, 1987
1.       Hydrotreating of heavy petroleum fractions: Novel synthesis of catalyst for heavy oil hydrotreating; Hydrotreating catalysts and technology for heavy oil
2.       High value utilization of heavy feed stocks: Coal tar utilization for clean fuels producing;High value utilization of petroleum derived coke
Petroleum processing engineering for undergraduates;
Inorganic chemistry for undergraduates;
Internship of petroleum processing for undergraduates;
Physic-chemical properties of petroleum and derived fractions for postgraduates
Previous Working Experience
2003-Present  Professor, College of Chemical Engineering,China University of Petroleum, Beijing
1995- 2002  Associate Professor, College of Chemical Engineering,China University of Petroleum, Beijing
1989- 1994 Lecturer & Associate  Professor University of Petroleum at Beijing Campus
Fax: +86-10-69724721
Address of Office: 309 Huagong-B
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