Department of Environmental Science and Engineering

2005.09-2009.06, Ph.D Degree in Environmental & Chemical Engineering,
China University of Petroleum, Beijing, China.
2001.09-2004.06, Master Degree in Environmental Engineering,
Liaoning Shihua University, China.
1996.09-2000.06, Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering,
Fushun Petroleum Institute, China.
Environmental Microbiology;
Environmental Catalysis and Environmental Remediation.
1.       Environmental Science (2 credits- undergraduate courses);
2.       Environmental Engineering Principles (3 credits-undergraduate courses);
3.       Petroleum Pollution Control Engineering (2 credits-undergraduate courses);
4.       Industrial Ecology (2.5 credits-undergraduate courses);
5.       Frontier of Environmental Engineering (2 credits-lecture courses).
Professional Societies and Affiliations
American Chemical Society;
International Water Association;
Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences.
Authorized Patents
1.       Chen Chunmao, Yan Guangxu, Guo Shaohui, et al. One Pretreatment process and equipment for super viscous crude oil refinery wastewater. Chinese, ZL 201310002588.x.
2.       Chen Chunmao, Yan Guangxu, Wang Jialin, et al. One purification method for refinery wastewaterusingmultiple-stage air-sparged hydrocyclone. Chinese, ZL 200710117727.8.
3.       Sun Shengkun, Li Minghui, Yan Guangxu, Guo Shaohui, Chen Chunmao. One integrated physico chemical equipment and process to treat oil field wastewater. Chinese, ZL 200710011113.1.
TEL:  (86)10-8973-3335
Address of Office: Department of Environmental Engineering, College of Chemical Engineering,
China University of Petroleum-Beijing,
18 Fuxue Rd, Changping, Beijing,102249, P. R. China.
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