Department of Environmental Science and Engineering

Ph.D.  Rice University (USA)  2013
M.S.  Rice University (USA)  2011

B.S.  Peking University (China)  2009

1.       Environmental microbiology and biotechnology
2.       Soil and groundwater contamination and remediation
3.       Vapor intrusion
4.       Wastewater treatment
Environmental Microbiology; Environmental Biotechnology
Previous Teaching Experience
2013-2014  Postdoc  Rice University (Houston, TX, USA)
2009-2013  Research Assistant  Rice University (Houston, TX, USA)
Professional Affiliations
American Chemical Society
American Society for Microbiology
National Ground Water Association
American Water Works Association
TEL: 86-010-89734284
Address of Office:
Chemical Engineering Building A, Room 713
China University of Petroleum-Beijing,
18 Fuxue Road, Changping, Beijing P.R.China 102249
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Manuscripts submitted or in preparation
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4.       Ma, J., Nossa, Carlos W., and Alvarez, P.J.J.* Metagenomic sequencing-based investigation of microbial response to a 2-years ethanol blended release and the shut-off of such release. (in preparation)