Department of Environmental Science and Engineering


Qianwei Li 



2017.06-           Associate professor

2016.11-2017.06     Lecture


Educational Background

2012-2016     University of Dundee             PhD   (Environmental Microbiology)                                                                        

2010-2012     Harbin Institute of Technology      MS    (Genetics)     

2006-2010     Harbin Institute of Technology      BA    (Bioengineering)



Geomicrobiology, Biomineralization, Bioremediation, Biomaterials in Electrical energy storage systems



NSFC, Open Project Program of State Key Laboratory of Petroleum Pollution Control, Science Foundation of China University of Petroleum



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2. Li, Q., Gadd, G. M. (2017) Fungal nanoscale metal carbonates and production of electrochemical materials. Microbial Biotechnology 10(5):1131-1136. (IF = 3.99

3. Li, Q., Liu, D., Jia, Z., Csetenyi, L., Gadd, G.M. (2016) Fungal biomineralization of manganese as a novel source of electrochemical materials. Current Biology 26(7): 950-955. (IF = 9.57, TOP)

4. Li, Q., Csetenyi, L., Paton, G. I., Gadd, G.M. (2015) CaCO3 and SrCO3 bioprecipitation by fungi isolated from calcareous soil. Environmental Microbiology 17(8): 3082–3097. (IF = 6.24, TOP)

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