Department of Environmental Science and Engineering

PhD from Beijing Normal University (China)

Masters from Southwest University (China)


                                Environmental systems analysis

                                Water resources management,

                                Water environmental management,

                                Watershed management



(1)Introduction to Environmental Statistics,

(2)Practice in Environmental Sciences,

(3)Environment system analysis

(4) Water environment and pollution


Previous Teaching Experience

2006-Present, Lecturer of Environmental Sciences, College of Geosciences, China Petroleum University

2004-2006, Post-doctor of Environmental Sciences, School of Environment, Beijing Normal University.

2003-2004, Environmental engineer, Research Institute of Natural Ecology Conservation, Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences.

Professional Affiliations

Membership of Ecological Society of China




TEL:   13466536638


Address of Office:College of Geosciences, China Petroleum University

18 Fuxue Road, Changping, Beijing China 102249



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Zeng, Y., “Research progress of water environmental capacity”. Lecture delivered to graduate students of College of Geosciencesat China Petroleum University, March 3, 2012, Beijin, China.