Department of Industrial Catalysis

PhD from Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Acdemy of Sciences
Masters from Shanxi University

Molecular seive materials and catalyst development
High effective Synthesis of zeolite/catalyst for refining process
Design and preparation of zeolite catalyst for methanol conversion
Formation process of zeolite, microstructure and its catalytic performance 
Catalysis Principles; Fine Chemicals
Previous Teaching Experience
2005-present, Professor, College of Chemical Engineering, China University of Petroleum at Beijing Campus, China
2003-2005, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Acdemy of Sciences
1998-2003, The Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Acdemy of Sciences
Professional Affiliations
Member of Chemistry Society of Chinese
Member of Molecular Union of Chinese
TEL:  86-010-89733066  
Fax: 86-010-89734979
Address of Office: The Key Laboratory of Catalysis of CNPC,
China University of Petroleum, Beijing, Fuxue Road 18, Chang Ping District,
Beijing, 102249, China
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