Department of Industrial Catalysis

PhD from Nankai University (China)
Bachelor from Nankai University (China)
1.       Zeolite based catalytic Materials: Synhteis and Application.
2.       Methanol to hydrocarbons: Mechanism and Catalysts.
3.       Catalytic conversion of biomass to fuels and chemicals: Mechanism and Catalysts.
Previous Working Experience
2009-2011, University of California at Berkelery, USA, postdocter.
2012-now, China University of Petroleum-Beijing, China
Principle of Catalysis with Applications in Energy Transformations;
Design and Synthesis of Solid Catalyst.
Fax: 86-10-89734979
Address of Office: School of Chemical Engineering, China University of Petroleum, 18# Fuxue Road, Changping, Beijing, 102249, P.R. China
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