Department of Industrial Catalysis

2006 ~ 2010  PhD of Physical ChemistryDepartment of ChemistryJilin University
2002 ~ 2006  Bachelor of ChemistryDepartment of Chemistry & Chemical EngineeringHarbin Normal UniversityDalian University of Technology
Profession Employment:
2013 ~ now
Lecturer, Associate Professor
College of Chemical Engineering
China University of Petroleum-Beijing
2012 ~ 2013
Assistant Researcher
State Key Laboratory for Oxo Synthesis and Selective Oxidation
Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics
2011 ~ 2012
Visiting Scholar
Northern Illinois University & Argonne National Lab
Research Interests:
1.       Design, synthesis and evaluation of novel microporous and mesoporous nano-materials for catalyst supports, of hybrid organic-inorganic materials for ion adsorbents, luminescent materials or catalysts, especially of heterogeneous and homogeneous organometallic catalysts for industrial olefin epoxidations.
2.       Metal-based mesoporous nanocatalyst design and the application in biomass conversion, including cellulose and biomass platform molecule conversion.
3.       Hierarchically functionalized carbon design and their application in wastewater treatment.
4.       Multifunctional nanoreactor design and catalytic applications.
5.       Characterization of active sites by synchrotron radiation techniques, including X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS), high-energy X-ray diffraction (HE-XRD), small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS), etc.
1.       Highly efficient Ru-Ni based mesoporous carbons design and the catalytic performances in hydrogenation reactions. The National Natural Science Foundation of China, Project director, 21303229, 2014.1-2016.12
2.       Highly efficient Ru based mesoporous carbons design and the catalytic performances in biomass conversion. Science Foundation of China University of Petroleum, 2013, Project director, 2462013YJRC018, 2013.9-2016.8
3.       Hierarchically porous silica-metal organic composite catalyst design and the catalytic performances in cross-coupling reactions. The Natural Science Foundation of Beijing, Project director, 2152025, 2015.1-2017.12
4.       In situ XRD study of phase transformation mechanism in the duration of carbonization of Zn90Ni10MOF-5, Principal Investigator, 13SRBL14B14717, 2013.10-2015.10. (2014-1)
5.       XAFS study of structures of directly immobilized Cu(II) and VO(IV) Schiff base species, APS, Principal Investigator, GUP28010, 2012.03-2014.03. (2012-2)
6.       XAFS study of the structures of supported Ni(II) and Ru(III) complexes of 8-quinolinol APS, Principal Investigator, GUP31195, 2012.06-2014.06. (2012-3)
7.       Metal-support interaction between single Ru atoms and nitrogen-doped porous carbons studied by XAFS, APS, Principal Investigator, GUP40182, 2014.08-2016.06. (2014-4)
8.       XAFS study of templated and randomly grafted Mo(VI) and W(VI) complexes supported on SBA-15, Principal Investigator, GUP38906, 2014.08-2016.06. (2014-4)
Professional Societies:
2012-now  Member of Chinese Chemical Society
Professional Services:As a reviewer for 12 journals
Referee forACS Nano, Applied Catalysis A: General, Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, Catalysis Communications, Catalysis Today, Tetrahedron, Materials Physical Chemistry, Journal of solid State Chemistry, etc.
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4.       Ying Yang, Chengjun Sun,Yang Ren, Shijie Hao, Daqiang Jiang, “New route toward building active ruthenium nanoparticles on ordered mesoporous carbons with extremely high stability”.Sci. reps, 4: 4540, 2014. DOI: 10.1038/srep04540.
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