Research Areas

The Faculties conducts research in many diverse fields within the discipline of Chemical Engineering, Chemical Process Mechanics, Power Engineering and Environmental Engineering. These areas include:
1.       Heavy Oil Processing (Heavy Oil Chemistry, Conversion to Light Fraction, Comprehensive Utilization)
2.       Clean Oil Production (Gasoline and Diesel Hydrotreating, C4 Alkylate)
3.       Catalytic Material and Catalyst (New Type Zeolite, Oxide)
4.       Processing Engineering and Equipment (Gas-Solid Separator, Rectifying Tower Tray, Spray Nozzle)
5.       Environmental Engineering (Three Wastes Treatment and Environmental Modification of Oil Field and Refinery)
6.       New Energy Resources (Natural Gas Hydrate, Clean Coal, Biogas, Microalgae)
Date: 2015-05-21