New Carbon Materials

New Carbon Materials Group researches on preparation of new nano carbon materials, performance study and application, new energy technology development, chemical engineering of plasma, and preparation and application of metal nanoparticles.
The Group has one full-time professor, one assistant professors and one lecturer. Program leader is Prof. Li Yongfeng. New Carbon Materials Group now has three doctor students and 12 master students.
New Carbon Materials has published more than 90 papaers including over 70 SCI/EI/ISTP publications which cited for 500 times. The Group made the creative progress in Single-/Double-/Multi-Graphene Films, 3D Graphene, Single-/Double-/Multi-Wall Nanotube, and Preparation and Application of Fullerene and Carbon.
Director of Group
Prof. Li Yongfeng

Date: 2015-05-21