Simulation and Computation Center

Simulation and Computation Center was built in 2003 for full size coupling numerical simulation of flow, heat transfer, mass transfer and reaction in large complex chemical engineering process. And the Center could carry out molecular simulation studies which qualitative describe chemical and physical properties of molecular system. 
(1)   Dawning Blade Server TC2600: 18 TC2600 Blade Computing Nodes. Opteron 2350 dual CPU quad core, 4G internal storage, 160G SATA 2.5-inch hard disk.
(2)   Computer Network Group: 8 four-core dual Intel Core Q9650 CPU, 8G internal storage, 1.5TB SATA hard disk.
(3)   HPZ800 Workstation: six-core dual Intel Xeon X5690 CPU, 16G internal storage, 1TB SATA7200 hard disk.
(4)   CFD Numerical Simulation Software: FLUENT, EDEM and BARRACUDA.
(5)   Molecular Simulation Software: Materials Studio, HYPERCHEM and GAUSSIA.
Date: 2015-05-21