High Pressure Phase and Hydrate Laboratory

High Pressure Phase and Hydrate Laboratory is to excel in high pressure behavior of reservoir fluid, efficient development of oil and gas, formation, decomposition heat and dynamics of gas hydrate, reservoir forming mechanism and distribution of natural gas hydrate, exploration and development of natural gas hydrate, storage and transportation technology industrialization of natural gas hydrate, research and development of subsea pipeline safety technology, and research and development of hydrate separation gas mixture technology.
High Pressure PVT System, ROP Condensate Gas PVT Device, DBR Interface Tensiometer, Hydrate Sapphire Phase Behavior Experiment Device, Hydrate Laser Microscopy Original Position Observation System, Hydrate Properties Measurement Device, Natural Gas Hydrate Reservoir Forming Process Simulation System, Natural Gas Hydrate Mining Simulation System, Hydrate Slurry Flow Loop System, and Hydrate Separation Device.
Date: 2015-05-21