CUP School of Business Administration Organized Public Accountant Practice Training

During December 12th to 15th, School of Business Administration and Beijing Institute of Certified Public Accountant jointly organized about 50 undergraduates and graduates in accounting major to  carry out the CPA practice training for 4 days.
Luming Shi from Grant Thornton accounting firm systematically introduced accounting firm’s current situation and functional divisions of all departments to students, combining current event (such as Mayun listed Alibabaand taught accounting fundamental knowledge and auditing process. Through sharing his working experience in many years after graduation, he told us that firm work exercises people very much, which is also the best chance to accumulate job experience. Hui Xiong trained students modern enterprise office automation and improved them a lot. This training clearly directed students and maked them realized that becoming a CPA needs not only professional knowledge reserve, but also practice and experience.
Source: The executive office Date: 2015-04-22