CUP School of Business Administration Held Youth Teachers’ Basic Teaching Skills Competition

To enhance youth teachers’basic teaching skills level, School of Business Administration held the competition at room 718 of geological buildingwith 7 teachers on November 21th.
The competition content concluded complete lesson plan in 50 minutes and teaching presentation in 20 minutes. During the competition, youth teachers present their basic skills and personal teaching style from the aspect of course content, teaching means, presentation ways, and interaction effects. The jury from relevant respondent, teaching expert group, and director at each department had comment on each teacher’s presentation. Wenjing Xu, brand course teacher was invited and presented her teaching. Through competition, each grade award, the best teaching presentation award and the best designing lesson plan award were determined.
      Youth teacherslearnt a lot about teaching methods through competition, realized their shortages at the aspect of the organization of course content, the focus of teaching presentation, the use of multimedia technology, and the transformation of teaching language, and made clear on future effort direction. Everyone expressed to increase investment in teaching, and actively participated teaching communication and enhanced teaching quality.
Source: The executive office Date: 2015-04-22