School of Business Administration Held New Student’s Parents’ Meeting

At 18pm on September 9th 2014, School of Business Administration held new students’ parents’ meeting at 4th floor of comprehensive building. The visiting guests included Dean Xiaoguang Yang, Vice President Qingning Shen, DeputyParty SecretaryXiaoyan Luo, Head teacher at each class, and 2014 new students’ Counselors Xinment Xiao and Feng Guo.
This meeting opened the curtain under the dean Xiaoguang Yang’s nice and humor greetings, where he expressed welcome to the 2014 new students and their parents, and introduced School of Business Administration basic situation, hoping each parent can more understand School of Business Administration majors and trust them. Later on, Vice Present Qingning Shen introduced the school’s implementation plan with special 321 cultivation of talents pattern, made parents more familiar with their children’ future study direction. Then Deputy Party Secretary Xiaoyan Luo introduced students’ work and military training, and specially emphasized how to avoid cheating at the new semester. In the end, 2014 Counselor introduced the future several days plan.
Source: The executive office Date: 2015-04-22