Doctoral Program in Management

1.    Program Objectives
This doctoral program cultivates multi-skilled advanced professionals with scientific attitude and innovative mindset in management science and energy economics. It also aims to help studentsto develop capabilities to teach and independently conduct original research.
In detail,
(1)  Students are required to master Marxism-Leninism, MAO Zedong thought and Deng Xiaoping theory, follow scientific outlook of social development and correct view of the world, have deep love for the motherland, observe law and discipline, and actively serve the socialist modernization.
(2)  In addition to master broad and solid basic theory and specialized knowledge, students are required to grasp scientific method of management to solve practical problems, especially problems in oil industry. With strong analytical skills, graduates are capable of conducting independent research and making creative achievements.
(3)  With strong foreign language ability, students can skillfully use at least one foreign language for academic research and communication.
2.    Core Courses
General compulsory courses
Chinese Marxism and contemporary era
2 credits
Foreign Languages
2 credits
Reading of Marxism Classic Works
1 credit
Discipline-related courses
Management Scientific Theory and Method
32 class hours
Special Topics on Systematic Scientific Theory
16 class hours
1 credit
Special Topics on Economic Assessment of Oil & Gas Resources
16 class hours
1 credit
Special Topics on Energy Economic Management
16 class hours
1 credit
Special Topics on financial Engineering and Energy Finance
16 class hours
1 credit
Special Topics on Energy Strategy and Industry Policy
16 class hours
1 credit
Compulsory activities
Report of Research Progress
Literature Review and Dissertation Proposal
1 credit
Elective courses
Chosen by the supervisors
3.    Graduation & Degree Requirements
    A student is admitted to get the degree of Doctor having met the following requirements:
(1)  Satisfactory completion of all required core and elective courses;
(2)  Satisfactory completion of the research requirement;
(3)  Satisfactory completion of theDoctoral dissertation.
Detailed requirements:
  • Literature review and research proposal
    Ph.D.  students are required to read at least 100 literatures (among them, 30% should be foreign ones) and complete literature review. Literature review should be consist of: research background (including introduction and current research), mythology (including research objective, contents, key problems, method, experimental scheme, feasibility analysis and innovation), expected goals and research achievements, research schedule and so on.
    Ph.D.  students in general should complete the proposal defense before  the third semester. Literature and proposal review should be conducted publicly by the school, with the attendance of 3-5 committee members, who are decided by the school. Interdisciplinary proposal should be reviewed by aspects in related research filed. Committee members are asked to give review comments for the literature and proposal.
  • Research activity
Ph.D. students are required to attend more than 10 research activities or present at least twice, attend at least one important academic meeting. The evaluation of the research activity performance must be completed before oral defense.
  • Dissertation defense
The dissertation defense of Ph.D. students needs to be carried out followingChina University of Petroleum (Beijing) on Degree Granting Provisional Rules for Implementation.
4.    Career Prospects
This doctoral program prepares creative thinkers for careers in research, teaching or management at financial institutions, enterprises or government agencies.
Source: The executive office Date: 2015-04-22