Department of Geology

 Dr. Zhu Xiaomin
Education Background
1978.10—1982.8 Undergrduate student of petroleum geology in Eastchina Petroleum Institute
1982.9—1985.6   Master’s student of petroleum geology in Eastchina Petroleum Institute
1987.9—1990.7   Ph.D student of petroleum geology in China University of Petroleum
Sedimentary Facies,40 teaching hours, one time ,each year
Sequence Stratigraphy,48 teaching hours, one time ,each year
Previous Teaching/Working Experience
1985.7—1987.8   Assistant professor of petroleum geology in Eastchina Petroleum Institute
1990.8—1999.10  Lecture (1990-1992),associate professor(1992) and Chairman of Department of Petroleum Geology
1999112000.4 Visiting scholar in University of Texas at Austin (BEG)
2004.5—2011.7   Professor (from 1994), Dean of College of Geosciences
2011.8-now       Professor, College of Geosciences, CUP
1.    The 11th Lisiguang Award(2009), The highest awards of geology in China
2.    The 6th National outstanding teacher Award(2011), The highest awards of Chinese
More than 270 research papers have been published in basin analysis, sedimentology, sequence stratigrphy,seismic sedimentology etc.The followings are typical papers.
1. Zhu Xiaomin, Zhong Dakang, Zhao Chenlin, Genetic mechanism and prediction of Paleozoic clastic eureservoirs in platform of Tarim basin,CHINESE SCIENCE BULLETIN,
2Zhu Xiamin, Zhong Dakang,Zhang Qin and  Zhang Li,2004, Sandstone diagenesis and porosity evolution of Paleogene in Huimin depression,Petroleum Sceince,20041(3):23-29
3Zhu Xiaomin, Dong Yanlei,Sequence stratigraphic framework and distribution of depositional systems for the Paleogene in Liaodong Bay areaScience in China series D:Earth Science,2008V.51,Supp.II:1-10
4Zhong Dakang,Zhu Xiaomin,Wang Hongjun, Characteristics and genetic mechanism of deep-buried clastic eureservoir,Science in China series D:Earth Science,Supp,II:1-10
5Yang JunshengFan Leyuan,Rashid A.d.Zhu Xiaomin, Sequence stratigraphy and depositional systems of lower Cretaceous in Fula subbasin,Muglad basin, Sudan,Journal of Science & Techenology,2008, 9(1):63-86
6Zhu XiaominCheng huanqin ,Zhong DakangMechanism of Secondary Pore formation and prediction of favorable Paleogene Reservoir in Jiyang SagEastern China Journal of China University of Geosciences, 2008 196): 441–450    
7. Zhu Xiaomin, Liu Chenlin, Diagenesis and its succession of gas–bearing and non gas-bearing reservoirs in Sulige gas field of Ordos basin, ChinaActa Geologica Sinica2009,836):1202-1213
8. Xiaomin Zhu, Shifa Zhu, Benzhong Xian,Jingjing Xue and Xincai YouReservoir differences and formation mechanisms in the Ke-Bai overthrust belt, northwestern margin of the Junggar BasinPetroleum Science201071):4048
9. Zhu Shifa, Zhu Xiaomin, Wang Xulong, et al. Diagenesis of Zeolite and Its Control on Petroleum Reservoir Quality of Permian in Northwestern Margin of Junggar Basin. SCIENCE CHINA Earth Sciences, 2011. 553):386-396
10. Zhu Shifa, Zhu Xiaomin, Niu Huapeng, et al. The genetic mechanism of dolomitization in Fengcheng Formation in Wu-Xia area of Junggar Basin, China. Acta Geologica Sinica(English Edition), 2012862):447-461
11. Zeng Hongliu, Zhu Xiaomin,Seismic Sedimentology of Complex Non-Marine Depositional Systems in Cretaceous Qingshankou Formation, Qijia Area, Songliao Basin, China,2013 AAPG
12.Zhu XiaominDong Yanlei,High resolution sequence framework and seismic sedimentology- take Biyang depression as caseOil and Gas Geology,2011324):615-624(In chineses with English abstract)
13.Zhu Xiaomin,Li Yang, The method of seismic sedimentology and case study of Qikou depressionChina Geology2013401):152-162(In chineses with English abstract)
14.Zhu Xiaomin,Liu Ziliang, The shallow braided delta model in Erdos lacustrine basinGeological  frotier2013202):19-28(In chineses with English abstract)
15.Zeng Hongliu, Zhu XiaominSeismic prediction ofsandstone diagenetic facies- take Songliao basinas an examplePetroleum Exploration and Development,2013403):266-274(In chineses with English abstract)
Works and textbooks
1. Zhu Xiaomin ,Basin analysis in faulted continental basinb》,1995Petroleum Industry Press,Beijing
2. Zhu Xiaomin ,Pricinpal and application of sequence stratygraphy》,1998
Petroleum Industry PressBeijing
3. Zhu Xiaomin ,Sequence stratygraphy》,2000Petroleum University PressDongying
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