Department of Geology

Dr. Li Fangyu  
PhD from Peking University, China

Masters from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

1)    Management of massive multi-resolution reservoir data based on raster

2)    The integration of three dimension reservoir modeling and geographic information system
3)    3d spatial analysis and visualization
4)  Reservoir modeling
Geographic Information System for undergraduate students and graduate students.
WebGIS  and Spatial Analysis for graduate students.
Previous Teaching Experience
1994/07-2001/06 , College of Geosciences, Yangtze University (the former name : Jianghan Petroleum Institute), China
Address of Office:
Room 1012, Building of Geology
18 Fuxue Road, Chang Ping, Beijing China 102249
College of Geosciences
China University of Petroleum, Beijing
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