Department of Geology







Dr. Zhu Caifa 


PhD from Peking University

Master from Chengdu Institute of Geology

Bachelor from Chengdu Institute of Geology


Paleoecolog & Palaeogeography;


Sedimentary Geology

Progamme supervised for

M.S. in  Geology; Paleontology & Stratigraphy


Undergraduate course: Paleontology; Historical Geology; Stratigraphy; General Geology

Postgraduate course: Micropaleontology; Paleoecology & Ichnology; Applied Palaeontology; Principle and Application of Stratigraphy

Previous Teaching Experience

1986-2000, Assistant professor of geology in Hebei College of Geology

Professional Affiliations

Geological Society of China

Palaeontological Society of China




Tel:  (86)-10-89733290

Fax: (86)-10-89734158

Address: No.18 Fuxue Road,Changping,Beijing,China,102249



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ZHU Caifa. Sporopollen assemblage and paleoenvironment of Neogene in Red Sea Basin. Abstracts in the 12th Congress of Paleontological Society of China.2018(9)

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