Department of Geology


Yanqing Shi

College of Geosciences

China University of Petroleum, Beijing, China 102200


Tel: +8610 89734969


2012  M.S.  China University of Petroleum-Beijing

2009  B.S.   China University of Petroleum-Beijing

Teaching &Work Experience

l      Laboratory courses for Sedimentary Petrology and Physical Geology

l     2013.7-now Laboratory technician and manager in mineralogy and petrology laboratory, XRD and SEM laboratory

Research Experience

l      P-T boundary, tectonic, paleoclimate and paleogeographic evolution in southeast margin of Junggar Basin, Northwest China

l      Deep resource exploration in Sinian marine carbonate reservoir, Sichuan Basin, Southwest China

l      Geological modeling of shallow water delta deposits of Cretaceous in Daqing Oilfield, Northeast China

l      The application of X-ray diffraction in sedimentology and mineralogy

Publications & Conferences

l       Yanqing Shi, Hancheng Ji, Qingping Weng. Sedimentary Evolution and Tectonic Inversion from Middle Permian to Early Triassic, Bogda Mountain, NW China. IAS 2019, Sep. 10-13, Rome;

l       Yanqing Shi, Hancheng Ji. A discussion about the initial uplift time of the Bogda Mountain - evidence from clastic sediments in Junggar Basin. ISC 2018, Aug. 13-17, Québec City;

l       Ma Ke; Hou Jiagen; Liu Yuming; Shi Yanqing. The sedimentary model of saline lacustrine mixed sedimentation in Permian Lucaogou Formation, Jimsar Sag. ACTA PETROLEI SINICA, 2017, Vol. 38, No.6:636-648;

l       Liu Keke, Hou Jiagen; Liu Yuming; Shi Yanqing. Application of multiple-point geostatictics in 3D internal architecture modeling of point bar. Oi l& Gas Geology, 2016, Vol.37, No.4:577-583;

l       Shi Yanqing; Hou Jiagen etc. Architecture Characterization of Braided River Reservoir Based on Dense Well Pattern in Daqing Oilfield, China. AAPG 2012 Annual Convention & Exhibition;

l      Dongping DuanJiageng Hou, Yuming Liu, Yanqing Shi. Application of multi-point geostatistics in delta front microfacies simulation, Journal of China University of Petroleum(Edition of Natural Science)Apr. 2012, Vol. 36, No.2:22-26;

l     Dongping DuanJiageng Hou, Yuming Liu, Yanqing Shi. The Application of Improved BP Neural Network in the division of sedimentary microfacies, The 7th International Conference on Natural Computation & the 8th International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery (ICNC'11-FSKD'11).