Department of Petroleum Geology

Dr. Gao Gang

Ph. D from the China University of Mining and Technology

Masters from the China University of Petroleum(Beijing) .
Bachelor from the Northwest University(Xi’an,Shanxi Provence).
The Organic geochemistry of petroleum and source rock.
The Formation and distribution of oil and gas reservoirs.
The Resource evaluation of petroleum.
Progamme supervised for:
 Master tutorsupervised forresource and engineering of geology.
  Petroleum exploration; Global oil & gas distribution; GeologyEngineering & evaluation of petroleum exploration;Field practice of general geology;Natural gas geology.
Previous Teaching Experience:
1993-1996, Assitant. The Petroleum University (Beijng).
1996-2001,Lecturer. The Petroleum University (Beijng).
2001-Now,Associate Professor. The China University of Petroleum (Beijng).
Other Functions
Professional Affiliations
  Petroleum Association of China
TEL: 010-89732155;13501371651
Address of Office:
819 Room,GeologyBiulding,China University of Petroleum,18 Fuxue Road, ChangpingDistrict,Beijing,China
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