Department of Petroleum Geology

Dr.Wang Zhizhang, Male, born in September 1962 at Shouguang, Shandong, Postdoctoral, professor, doctoral tutor. He graduated from China University of Petroleum (East China), Chengdu University of Technology, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), China University of Geosciences (Beijing) respectively for undergraduate, postgraduate, doctor of philosophy and postdoctoral. he studied in the History Department of Peking University. Research interest: description of oil and gas reservoirs (including unconventional), oil and gas development geology, seismic geology, wireline and mud logging geology, gemstone identification, etc. He served as the deputy head of the Development Geology Group of the Petroleum Geology Committee of the China Petroleum Institute, the director of the Geoscience Frontier, the editorial board of Xinjiang Petroleum Geology, and the editorial board of the mud Logging Project. He is also the referee for the Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award and the Ministry of Education Award, National Science and Technology Progress Awards.


He teaches undergraduate for reservoir characterization, logging geology; postgraduate for quantitative reservoirs characterization; PhD students for modern reservoir geology etc. Responsible for more than 130 major scientific research projects of national science and technology research, provincial projects and oilfield companies. He has published more than 100 papers, 15 monographs and 1 textbook. He won 1 second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, 3 first prizes at provincial and ministerial level, 8 second prizes, 3 third prizes, and more than 10 bureau awards. Trained nearly 100 doctoral and postgraduate students.


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1. Challenges and Countermeasures for Comprehensive Logging Technology 2004 Logging Technology

2. Changes in microscopic characteristics of reservoirs in Shuanghe Oilfield before and after long-term water washing 2004 Daqing Petroleum Geology and Development

3. Characteristics of seepage field in oil and gas fields 2003 Petroleum Industry Press

4. Study on the original oil saturation filling model of reservoirs 2003 Journal of Jianghan Petroleum Institute

5. Unutilized reserves evaluation of large and medium-sized natural gas fields in major gas regions of China 2003 Natural Gas Industry

6. Research on Artificial Fracture System in Jiujing District of Cainan Oilfield 2003 Journal of Southwest Petroleum Institute

7. Flow field and hydrocarbon migration – taking the northwestern margin of the Junggar Basin as an example 2003 Xinjiang Petroleum Geology

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Major scientific research achievements:

1. Description and prediction of gas reservoirs in Daniudi gas field

2. Reservoir quality evaluation and prediction in the western depression of Liaohe

3. Research on Comprehensive Management and Stable Production Technology of Complex Fractured Reservoirs in Huoshaoshan Oilfield

4. Research on efficient development technology of Luliang Oilfield

5. Research on the exploration target of the Wubei District in the northwestern margin

6. Digital reservoirs and their future development trends


Provincial and ministerial level award-winning achievements:

1. Fine description of Zao Nan oil reservoir in Zaoyuan Oilfield, first prize of 1994 head office (ranked 3rd).

2. The application of reservoir description technology in the exploration and development of continental oil fields. In 1997, it won the third prize of scientific research progress of oil and gas group company (ranked 2nd).

3. “Standardization of Standard Layer Composition and Well Logging Data” won the National “Eighth Five-Year” Outstanding Achievement Certificate and was incorporated into the Selected Chinese Excellent Patent/Technology Book.

4. 2003 Research and Application of Wave Recording While Drilling in the Tarim Basin, Second Prize of Xinjiang Autonomous Region.

5. Quantitative characterization and modeling of Xishanyao Formation reservoir in Cai 9 well area of Cainan Oilfield, second prize of Xinjiang Autonomous Region (ranked 2nd).