Research Center of Basin and Reservoir

Dr. Chang Jian
PhD  China University of Petroleum-Beijing (China)     2013

MSc  China University of Petroleum-Beijing (China)     2009
BSc  China University of Geosciences-Bejing (China)     2007
Low temperature thermochronometer and Thermal evolution of Basins in China 
Masters Course: Geothermal and Pressure Fields in Sedimentary basins
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TEL:   +0086-13426324212
Address of Office: Room 1023, Geology building, China University of Petroleum-Beijing, Fuxue Rd. 18, Changping, Beijing
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[2] Jian Chang, Roderick W. Brown, Wanming Yuan, Wenzheng Li, Yongquan Que, Nansheng Qiu. Mesozoic cooling history of the "Bachu Uplift" in the Tarim Basin, China: Constraints from zircon fission-track thermochronology. Radiation Measurements. 2014, 67:5-14.
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