Research Center of Basin and Reservoir

Dr. Li Lu  
PhD from University of Aberdeen (United Kingdom)

Masters from University of Salford (United Kingdom)
Bachelor from China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

ResearchAreas of Research Focus
Basin Modelling

Tectonic-thermal modelling
TEL:   008613811396242
Li L, Clift P D. The sedimentary, magmatic and tectonic evolution of thesouthwestern South China Sea revealed by seismic stratigraphic analysis. Marine Geophysical Research, 2013, 34(3-4): 341-365.
Li L, Clift P D, Stephenson R, et al. Nonuniform hyperextension in advance of seafloor spreading on the vietnam continental margin and the SW South China Sea. Basin Research, 2014, 26(1): 106-134.