Research Center of Basin and Reservoir

Dr. Ma Yong

College of Geosciences, China University of Petroleum (Beijing),
18 Fuxue Road, Changping, Beijing 102249, China
2010-2016Ph.D Geology, China University of Petroleum-Beijing  
2014-2015  VisitingPh.D Scholar, CSIRO, Melbourne, Australia.
2006-2010  B.S Geological Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology -Beijing
Research Interest
·       Tight rocks pore structure characterizing by FIB-SEM, Micro-CT, MICP and low temperature gas adsorption
·       Geological controls on shale gas and tight oil enrichments
·       Stable isotope geochemistry of natural gas
·       Multiphase flow in porous heterogeneous media
Unconventional oil and gas resource, Petroleum Geology, Hydrogeology
Published Journal Articles
2.       Ma Y, Pan Z, Zhong N N, Connell L D, Down D I, Lin W. 2016. Experimental study of anisotropic gas permeability and its relationship with fracture structure of Longmaxi shales, Sichuan Basin, China. Fuel, 180, 106-115 (IF 4.601, 19 times cited))(Hot paper, ESI Top 1% highly cited paper)
3.       Ma Y, Zhong N N, Cheng L, Pan Z, Dai N, Zhang Y. 2016. Pore structure of the graptolite-derived OM in the Longmaxi Shale, southeastern Upper Yangtze Region, China. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 72, 1-11. (IF 2.888, 9 times cited)
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5.       Ma Y, Zhong N N, Li D, Pan, Z., Cheng L, Liu K, 2015. Organic matter/clay mineral intergranular pores in the Lower Cambrian Lujiaping Shale in the north-eastern part of the upper Yangtze area, China: a possible microscopic mechanism for gas enrichment. International Journal of Coal Geology, 137, 38-54. (IF 4.783, 42 times cited)(ESI Top 1% highly cited paper)
6.       Ma Y, Zhong N N, Han H, Li D, Zhang Y, Cheng L J. 2014. Definition and sturcture characteristics of pores in mylonitized organic-rich shales. Science China: Earth Sciences, 57, 3027-3034.(IF 1.655, 8 times cited)
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Conference Presentations
1.       Ma, Y., Zhong N N. Organic matter pore system in the high-yeild gas Longmaxi shale: Do Graptolite-derived organic matter pores play a significant role?(34th Annual Meeting of The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)”, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. September 21-27, 2017.
2.       Ma, Y., Zhong N N, Pan Z. Analyses of adsorbed and free gas production using methane carbon isotope fractionation during canister desorption of shale gas.International Pittsburgh Coal Conference, Cape Town, South Africa. August 8-12, 2016.
3.       Ma, Y., Zhong N N, H. Han. Mylonitization: A microscopic mechanism of gas storage in the Lower Cambrian Lujiaping Shale, Northeast of upper Yangtze area, China. AAPG Fine-grained sedimentary systems and unconventional resources, Beijing, China.September 22-25, 2017.
1.       Ma Y.,Zhong N N, Yao L,Guo Z, Zhang W, Luo P, Zhang Y. 2015. A measuring instrument for shale residual gas content. China utility model patent.
2.   Ma Y.,Zhong N N, Yao L, Guo Z, Zhang W, Luo P, Zhang Y. 2015. A method for shale residual gas content measurement. China patent for invention.