Research Center of Basin and Reservoir

Dr. Zhang Zhihuan


Ph.D., Geology resources and Geology Engineering, China University of Petroleum, 1996/9-2000/12.

Master, Petroleum geology, China University of Petroleum, 1988/9-1991/2.

Bachelor, Oil and Gas Geology, Chengdu College of Geology (Chengdu University of Technology),1981/9-1985/7.

Professional Experience

2001/11-present  Professor, China University of Petroleum-Beijing

(2001/10-2003/5, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Peking University)

1995/6-2001/11  Associate professor, China University of Petroleum-Beijing

1993/6-1995/5  Lecturer, University of Petroleum-Beijing

1991/2-1993/5  Assistant, University of Petroleum-Beijing

1985/8-1988/8  Assistant, Eastchina Petroleum Institute


Undergraduate Course: Introduction to Environmental Geochemistry

Graduate Courses:1Environmental Geochemistry

  2Reservoir Geochemistry

Research Interests

Reservoir Geochemisty, Petroleum geology, Environmental Geochemistry




Tel: 86-10-89733111

Address of Office: Department of Geochemistry and Environmental Sciences, College of Geoscience, China University of Petroleum-Beijing


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