Progress and prospects of manufacturing technology for oil country tubular goods in China


The main progress of localization technology of Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) in China is summarized, and the development direction of OCTG is put forward. In view of the bottlenecks and technical problems in China, such as a large amount of imported OCTG, low quality and performance of products, imperfect quality infrastructure of OCTG(including thread measurement, standardization, certification, inspection and testing), and difficulty in meeting the needs of oil & gas exploration and development, a new discipline of "Petroleum Tubular Goods Engineering" was established after more than 30 years of joint research. The theoretical and technical system of OCTG localization has been established. A complete set of technologies, such as smelting ultra-pure steel, high precision and high-efficiency hot rolling mills, high uniformity heat treatment, new design of special steels, composition/microstructure/properties and performance/process comprehensive control, premium connection design and processing, has been developed, breaking the foreign monopoly, and developing more than 60 kinds of new highend OCTG products in 10 categories, with annual output reaching 5 million tons, OCTG has been basically localized and industrialized and exported in large quantities; The quality infrastructure of OCTG such as thread measurement, standardization, certification and approval, inspection and testing has been developed, which supports the effective localization and large-scale industrial application of OCTG. Great strides have been made in China's OCTG manufacturing and supporting technologies, resulting in significant economic and social benefits. Facing the new situation and challenges of China's oil and gas industry development, especially complex mechanical and chemical conditions such as ultra-deep, unconventional, offshore oil and gas development, underground coal gasification, in-situ shale oil conversion and natural gas hydrate exploitation, as well as ensuring the long-term safety and reliability of oil and gas wells and the demand of economic production, continuous innovation should be pursued to realize the self-reliance of key core technologies of OCTG in China. This will support and guarantee healthy development and lead technological progress in the oil and gas industry and related industries.

Key words:oil industry tubular goods; drill stem components; tubing; casing; manufacturing technology; petroleum tubular goods engineering; quality infrastructure; thread measurement; standardization; certification and accreditation; inspection and testing; development direction

Received: 2021-06-25

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