About Changing major and minoring major

Change major:

1. Undergraduate students in the first and second years can apply for a change of major, but does not include the following students: ① students who are suspended; ② Students taught in English; ③ Scholarship students. If the scholarship student insists on changing his/her major, he/she will be deemed to give up the scholarship.

2. The application time is generally in April and May every year.

3. After the successful application for change of major, must make up for the courses left behind.

4. The specific requirements of the change of major will be notified before application begins.


Minor Major:

1. First-year undergraduate students can apply for a minor major.

2. The tuition fee of minor major is the tuition fee of the same major for one year, which is paid in one lump sum.

3. The application time is generally in April and May every year.

4. The minor should be graduated at the same time as the major. ① If the major meets the graduation standard and the minor does not, you may apply to graduate with your major, but you will not be able to graduate with your minor after that. ② If the major does not apply for graduation, wait for the minor major to meet the graduation standard, and apply for graduation at the same time, you can obtain the graduation certificate of the major and minor two majors. ③ If the minor major meets the graduation standard, but the major does not meet the graduation standard, you can not graduate, you can apply for graduation after the major meets the graduation standard.