The Winter Vacation Notice Meeting of the College of International Education was Successfully Held

In view of the current situation of epidemic prevention and control, in order to enable all international students to have a pleasant and safe vacation and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents during the winter vacation, the College of International Education held the Winter Vacation Notice Meeting for international students on and off campus on January 13 and 14 respectively.



The College of International Education informed international students about the school's relevant regulations under the current epidemic situation, and gave detailed notices to international students in terms of school entry and exit safety, fire safety, electricity safety, personal safety, etc., and emphasized the importance of epidemic prevention. It is not allowed to violate laws and regulations and school rules and regulations. All international students are advised to strengthen their physical fitness and maintain a good mood while complying with various regulations.

Finally, the teachers of the College of International Education also hope that all international students can have a safe and pleasant vacation.