The College of International Education of CUPB Held a Special Bilingual Lecture on "Daqing Petroleum Spirit"

On October 29, 2021, in order to promote international students' understanding of China petroleum spirit, the College of International Education invited Du Chaoqun, a master of Chinese International Education of CUPB, as the keynote speaker, to hold a special bilingual lecture on "Daqing petroleum spirit" in conference room 306 of the International Exchange Center.

More than 40 international students from Turkmenistan, Chad, Ukraine, Yemen, Sudan and other countries attended the lecture. Du Chaoqun used English as the main teaching language to teach international students the indomitable, pioneering and hard-working spirit of Daqing oil field oil workers from the three aspects: the definition of Daqing oil spirit, Daqing from "poor oil" region to "rich oil" region and iron man spirit.


After the lecture, Du Chaoqun gave detailed answers to the questions raised by international students on the content of the lecture. International students deeply understood the Daqing spirit and the embodied Daqing spirit - iron man spirit. Through this lecture, international students have improved their understanding of petroleum culture and petroleum spirit, and strengthened their identity as petroleum industry people.